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I’m still figuring this out but here are some rules I’ve set for myself so far:


  • must be directed by a woman

OR have at least 4 female HODs- i.e. cinematographer, art director, costume designer, make up designer,  sound designer, editor, lighting, grips (female grips are so rare I have only met one in the 10 years I have been working in film and TV) etc.


  • a female creator and/or head writer

OR 30% female directors (i.e. if there are 6 directors on the series 2 of them have to be female) OR at least 4 HODs

okay! sounds simple right? This should be easy as.

(NB: I would really like to include some films this year that are made by people who are trans or genderqueer. This might take some research and I might sometimes get it wrong but I will try to support this even smaller minority in the film industry as well. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let me know).

Also: Who am I?

I’m a woman, I’ve worked in film and TV for the last 10 years and I have a Masters in Film. I live mostly in Australia and sometimes NZ. I watch movies and TV all the time. And in the interests of full disclosure I am straight, and white, and will try very hard to not let the privilege that comes with these things influence my writing too much.


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