Film and TV can be magical. You can make a film in Australia, and someone in Israel, or Sweden, or Nigeria can watch it and be moved.  But mostly, in the western world,  films also suck at diversity and representation.

This study made me so sad and frustrated that this year I’ve decided to only watch films directed by women or trans directors. I’m swearing off men. Well men directors. Well, watching their films anyway. You’re all awesome but I want to do this to support women in my industry and highlight how many incredible female film-makers there are out there doing wonderful things.

I’m going to use This and this as jumping off points for exploring some female directors retro-actively. And try and go to the movies at least every couple of weeks to check out some lady directed movies on the big screen.

A caveat:

I know, I know there are lots  of male directors out there making movies about awesome women. And I also know that there are lot of female directors out there making films that are considered ‘low class’ like chick flicks and melodramas. But hey… why ARE those movies considered low class? Is a Michael Bay explosion-fest really a better movie than ‘You’ve got Mail’? Why would I rather watch The Avengers than Twilight? And why do most women make films about teenagers, romance and melodrama? Or documentaries? Films that never make it into the canon? And what about the women who DO make films considered ‘good films’ like Zero Dark Thirty and American Psycho? What makes them make those movies? And why are they mostly about men??

So many questions. Which I would like to answer this year.

Come with me on my journey into time, space and movies directed by women.

Another Caveat: I might also check out some films that have significant female HODs like cinematographers, art directors, costume designers and make up designers. Watch this space.


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