Reading List: Some Things That Might Delight and Surprise You


Just Cheer, Baby Nowhere is the gender pay gap more apparent than in sports where cheerleaders get paid $1250 per season and the football team players get paid millions. Because Cheerleading isn’t a real sport. Obvs. (and yes I know that men cheerlead too but the cheerleading teams themselves are still extremely gendered towards women in general but if you want to be less binary I guess we could say this is perhaps an arts/sports disparity issue too)

Rachel Sklar writes about Jill Abramson and her shock dismissal from the New York Times.

An All Female Horror Anthology and A Call Out for Black Female Horror Directors, a minority within a minority within a sub-genre that’s particularly bad at celebrating diversity.

Makeovers in Movies and the hilarity of anyone trying to make over Audrey Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn!

Red Carpet Politics and the delightful Sarah Millican

So far, 9 mainstream films have passed the Bechdel test this year. Have you seen any of them? I plan to see Belle later this week hopefully!

and as a final treat: The inimitable Patti Smith performs Alan Ginsberg with Phillip Glass, what’s not to like about this!







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