Dear Orphan Black



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Your show looks So Awesome.
It’s fit to bursting with female heroines generally kicking butt solving mysteries and fighting various conspiracy organisations. It’s been praised for being at the forefront of interesting, complex, female led TV and for reveling in complicated female characters and storylines. And I would love to watch it but…

Unfortunately I will have to wait until 2015 to watch it because it looks as if all your directors are male.

For a show that’s made famous for depicting interesting edge female characters, I find it a little bit sad that you felt that there aren’t any interesting edgy female directors in Canada that you could have hired.

And while I’m sure you are all fabulous storytellers and absolutely capable of telling these stories, it does make me question your intention to make great TV that explores and applauds strong women when your hiring decisions behind the camera seem to tell a different story.

I would absolutely love to know the reasoning behind your decisions to hire all male directors. Why make an effort to have a female-led plot and cast and then shy away from following through with a femal-led crew?

I am not saying that men can’t direct women’s stories. I’m just saying that having a diverse directorial staff adds texture and difference and surely could only bring benefits to your already interesting and diverse female-led storylines, as well as promoting the employment of women in an industry that has historically overlooked women and/or pigeon-holed them into narrow stereotypes? A historical position that you, the show’s creators seem very keen to challenge.

Maybe one of your directors is transgender and/or queer and you are making an effort to promote diversity that way? Maybe you haven’t put your full season two crew list up on IMDB yet and you had a female director for some of your 2014 episodes? If so, then I applaud you and I’ll set to watching it straight away.

So please Orphan Black, tell me I’m wrong so I can go out and watch your kick-ass programme.





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