Reading List: some things that might tickle your fancy



  • Olivia Wilde talks about role reversal, female-led roles and our responsibility as storytellers. My one query: she says we just need to demand louder and the supply will follow, but.. I’m not sure it’s as simple as that… what do you think?


  • Erika Alexander “We’re at a time now where the industry has segregated television…would you have called the Cosby show a ‘black show’ or would you just call it a great show?… I don’t think it empowers anybody to call shows black or white”


  • images (8)She-zow! A kids cartoon that caused controversy with some conservative parents because it stars a boy dressed as a girl…yeah okay. Movie Bob has an excellent response to this although personally I think he gives the creators of the show too much credit. I don’t think they were even interested in examining arbitrary gender roles, I think they just think cross-dressing is funny and haven’t even bothered to try and dissect why pink things are only for girls and whether that’s something worth questioning. I mean, throughout the show Guy is constantly embarrassed by his girliness so I wouldn’t exactly call it empowering but it’s definitely opened up an interesting discussion!



  • And finally to end on a serious note, this [TRIGGER WARNING for rape and war]. Because it broke my heart. And because even though this is mainly a media blog it’s also a blog about gender issues, and gendered narratives, and pretending that men don’t get raped is a classic example of the way we use narrative to reinforce gender stereotypes. A male rape victim doesn’t fit into the ‘story’ that society tells itself about rape, and it certainly doesn’t fit into the stories we tell ourselves about men and women, and who’s weaker and who deserves medical aid (and oh, the UN why are YOU not questioning this?)

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