a new year’s resolution


So look I’m trying to do this thing where I spend 2014 only watching films directed by women. And it’s not going well.

On the plane from NZ back to Australia I lucked out and found a documentary about roller derby directed by a woman – it’s called Pretty Brutal and it’s directed by Monica de Alwes. I’ll review that in a future post, along with some musings on what else was on offer from female directors on the plane.

But for now, I thought I’d share how it feels to sit in a cafe in Melbourne and come to the slow realisation that there are NO, absolutely zero films playing in Melbourne this week that are directed by a woman. I have found two that have co-directors – the kid’s movie Frozen and Battle of the Sexes, a doco about Billie Jean King. But so far, no dramas, no comedys, certainly no action films. I am so gutted. All the oscar contendors are out and I can’t watch any of them.

There are like, 50 movies playing today and only 2 of them are co-directed, that’s co-directed by women. I mean, I’m all for collaboration so don’t get me wrong that’s still exciting. But you have to admit that’s some pretty abysmal statistics. Are the distributors really telling me that there are no awesome movies out there directed by women that should be showing right now? None at all? Really? I’m not entirely sure what to do next. I have a feeling there might be a lot of DVD rentals in my future.

I might go and explore female cinematographers but considering they only made up 3% of the top 250 films last year, I’m not gonna hold my breath.

If anyone’s got any suggestions for films directed by women currently showing in Melbourne please let me know.



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